Monday, January 28, 2008

Cardonnay Monday: Another Pouilly-Fuissé

For a while on Mondays I'll be posting on Chardonnay wines as I learn more about different styles of wines made with this grape. My first entry was on a Pouilly-Fuissé. Today I'm reviewing the Pierre Dupond.

I was not able to find out much about this French wine maker other than the fact that the family has been growing grapes and making wines since around 1860. Wines that were sold to local towns to satisfy the desire of the working folk for a light, thirst quenching wine. I think today's Dupond Pouilly-Fuissé still meets those requirements.

The first Pouilly-Fuissé I tried (the Louis Jadot) was heavyily oaked, and though the wine was good, it wasn't as enjoyable on it's own as it was with food. However, the Dupond is pleasant all on it's own. It has some oak to it too, but it isn't the main characteristic of the wine. There were more flavors, like melon and honey to be savored. The wine was slightly sweet and had a little bite from either the acidity or alcohol (though it was only 13%.)

I enjoyed this Pouilly-Fuissé more than the Louis Jadot and much more than the under $15.00 Chardonnays I am used to drinking. This bottle cost me $17.99 at BevMo. Again, I'd like to ask if anyone knows of an American wine maker who makes this variety of Chardonnay: I'd love to support them with my wine dollar!

Tasting Notes:

2003 Pierre Duond Pouilly-Fuissé

Color: Golden yellow

Aroma: Melon, honey and yeast (almost like a Viognier)

Taste: Light, light oak, tiny amount of sweetness with a little bite

Finish: An oak finish

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