Monday, February 11, 2008

Chardonnay Monday: Meursault (Yum!)

Today's Chardonnay comes from Meursault ("Murr-so") in the Côte-de-Beaune in France's Burgundy region. One source I read said that some of the finest white wines in France come from Meursault. This Burgundian village produces almost enirely white wine, which means Chardonnay. These wines are described as both "full-bodied and acidic" resulting in a wine that is a real pleasure to taste and feel in your mouth.

I found my bottle a local Sacramento store more known for its Italian wine selection, Corti Brothers. I was looking for a Friuli wine for last month's Wine Blogging Wednesday, but was not able to find one. Instead, I brought home this French wine that I had been wanting to try. It cost me $30 which is almost twice what I paid for the other Chardonnays I've featured on Chardonnay Monday, but it was worth it.

The maker is Charton et Trebuchet, a négociant who produces wine from grapes he buys from vineyards not his/her own. This bottle had aged for ten years, and I wonder how much that added to the flavors.

When I poured the wine and looked at it in the glass, it was like I had some liquid gold. The wine looked thick due to the attractive dark gold color. The nose was pleasant (but thanks to a cold I have) I wasn't able to smell too much. The flavors were very nice, but the mouth feel was almost like cream. I've had a Rombauer Chardonnay that cost about the same price and had a similar heavy mouth feel, but the Meursault was somehow more attractive. I don't know if it was the age or the style, but the flavors and mouthfeel combined very nicely. This is my favorite style of Chardonnay that I've tried so far.

I don't know how many more Mondays I continue featuring Chardonnays, but it's been enjoyable and educational to focus on one grape to see how many ways it can be made into wine. I'll have to try some other countries before I call it quits!

Tasting Notes:

Color: Deep gold

Aroma: Peach, light yeast

Taste: Cream, Medium to heavy mouth feel

Finish: Light tannins, maybe some oak


Phaedra said...

Just found your blog- I am a fan of the 1980's full, ripe, voluptous California Chardonnays- can't really find them anymore. It seems Chardonnay now is apples & citrus instead of creamy, tropical, vanilla, full mouth... I have been trying some French white burgundys - found any American Chardonnays like this???

Orion Slayer said...

Thanks for leaving a comment! I am a wine newbie, so take my answer with a grain of salt. Have you tried the Rombauer Chardonnay? It is made in the style you're talking about. It is almost $30 though. For a less expensive but almost just as good Chardonnay, you can also try the Blackjack Ranch 21 Chardonnay at $16. I have seen Rombauer everywhere, but had to order the Blackjack from Wine

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