Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Majority Rules: Merlot

Red blends are some of my favorite types of wine. The combination of grapes yields a flavor that is different than any of the grapes on their own is capable of producing. I really like it, though, when a blend produces a different flavor, but the attributes of one of the grapes is strong enough to recognize. This was the case with the 2001 Comtes de Tastes I drank last night.

This wine was produced by the Bordeaux winery Chateau Beaulieu. In the same way that an off-Broadway play can be easier to get into but just as enjoyable to watch, this "off-Bordeaux" producer makes a great Bordeaux that is just as good as a Bordeaux on either side of the bank, but easy to get into thanks to the lower price. Chateau Beaulie lies 10 miles North of St. Emillion.

I couldn't find the exact ratio, but this wine is made from Merlot, Cab Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon. The flavor of the Merlot is the dominant flavor, but it is transformeed by the presence of the other two grapes into an better wine. This wine goes very well with food. When I tried the wine before eating my dinner last night, it was dry, I could taste the fruit and the tannins were great. Drinking with the wine with food made the wine seem almost sweet. I had the wine with meatballs made out of hamburger, thyme and onion soup mix served over rice and green beans. There may be a better paring for this wine, but they went together well for me.

One more surpirse I got was blueberries. I don't know if blueberries is a normal component people normally detect in a Merlot or a Bordeaux, but I got the definite flavor of blueberries at times. That's a first for my palate! I can't wait to let the wine decant for an hour tonight before drinking it tonight. I hope it changes the flavors even more.

Tasting Notes:

Color: Deep cranberry red

Aroma: Cherry, yeast (is this possibly oak)

Taste: Cherry, blueberry, nice strong tannins

Finish: The tannins linger and seem to build, leaving a sour cherry flavor


Wine Connections said...

It seems we have the same blog name. Sorry. Yours is older, mine is still achild. If you care I'll change mine, just have to think ok something.

Orion Slayer said...

Dear WC,
I'd like to keep "Wine Connections", thanks.

Taster A said...

I'm glad to see more Merlot postings out in the blog community. Hopefully we all can put the Sideways juju behind us.

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