Thursday, November 15, 2007

Beaujolais Nouveau Time!

Look at the cool card I got from!
I did send this card to myself, bit it was still fun to get. I have received several emails this week announcing the arrival of this year’s version of the Gamay Noir grapes most hyped wine.

Gamay Noir is the official name for this main grape of France’s Beaujolais region. These grapevines bud early, flower early and ripen from early to mid-season (they lend themselves to making the first wine of the harvest.) The clusters and berries of Gamay Noir are large and it is a relatively easy variety to pick, with relatively thin but tough skins.

The wines made from Gamay Noir are light in color. Don’t miss out on sniffing these wines, as they can be very fragrant, full of fruit and flowers. You often get a taste of sour cherries, especially in the finish. These wines have more tanginess then tannins.

I picked up two wines made from Gamay Noir during my lunchtime and I’ll be sampling them tonight (look for my first tasting notes tomorrow!) The first bottle is the 2007 Beaujolais Nouveau from Henry Fessy ($14.99 at BevMo.) To get an older impression of what this grape has to offer, I picked up a 2005 Chateau De La Chaize Brouilly ($13.99.) In episode 241 of WineLibrary TV, Gary Vaynerchuk reviewed several Beaujolais wines and challenged us to try them out. I couldn’t find any of the wines he sampled, but I hope the de la Chaize is a good substitute. I’ll let you know tomorrow.

I learned an interesting fact while researching today’s post. The Gamay Beaujolais wine has disappeared from the United States this year! Actually, the grape ValdiguiĆ© grown in the USA was mistakenly called Gamay Noir. Wines made from it were labeled Gamay Beaujolais. But that all ended in April (see full story at Professional Friends of Wine.)

If you have a favorite wine made from Gamay Noir leave a comment. Have you tried the 2007 Beaujolais Nouveau? Give us your impression in the comment section!

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