Thursday, November 29, 2007

Send in the Clones

In the movie Multiplicity, Michael Keaton’s character is cloned to help him become more productive. To be even more productive, he clones his clone to add another hand. Finally, the cloned clone is cloned with diminished results! The final clone resembles the original, but is a poor substitute.

I sort of felt this way about the second wine I had at Thanksgiving, the Stone Hill Chardonel . That’s not Chardonnay, but Chardonel, a cross between Chardonnay and Seyval blanc.
Seyval blanc is a hybrid grape made from a cross of two strains of something called Seibel , a grape variety developed in France in the 1950’s.

The wine from this blend resembled Chardonnay slightly. But it left a lot to be desired in aroma and flavor. Sometimes the real thing can’t be made better!

2006 Stone Hill Chardonel Tasting Notes:

A faint yellow

Could be the Seyval blanc, but it smelled more like Viognier than Chardonnay. No pear or apple, but maybe some citrus could be detected.

The wine tasted slightly like a Viognier, without the pleasant mouth feel. There was a good amount of oak. Definitely not the oaky Chardonnay I like to have with my white turkey meat.

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