Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Wine Resource Directory

Below is the set of links I use as I learn about wine. I've compiled the most useful and interesting wine sites into these groups:

  • Wine Web Sites
  • Wine Glossaries
  • Wine Maps
  • Wine Blogs
  • Wine Library
  • Wine Dealers

Wine Web Sites: This collection is anything that doesn't quite fit the other areas. There is a vast amount of information about wine and these are the ones I found most helpful last year as I was just learning about wine. I've included wine education sites, tools for tracking wine, etc.

Wine Glossaries: Several of the sites listed in the first section have great resources on grapes and types of wines made from them. I've compiled the ones I go back to often when I'm learning about a new grape or I want to refresh my knowledge of a certain wine.

Wine Maps: Part of the fun of learning about wine is all the geography involved! Looking at maps of countries of never been to is aided by these links. These are great resources when I need to find out what grows on the right bank as opposed to the left bank of the Bordeaux region, for example. I also added links to maps of local wine regions I'm more apt to visit (like Sonoma County or Zinfandel growing regions in California.

Wine Blogs: This is my favorite and most used tab. This is my first stop of the day when I start reading about wine. There are several blogs I like to read and comment on daily, others I only visit weekly. They are all here!

Wine Library: This is overkill, but I like to have all of the Wine Library Network's links in one place.

Wine Dealers: This is where I list all the online wine stores I like. Not only do I list ones I actually buy from, but also ones I like to look at to compare prices at. I also have Wine Searcher list here to find wines anywhere.

I could just use the bookmarks feature of the browser I'm using, but it's more fun to practice my HTML skills and make my own. Besides, I get to add a label of the wine I want to get next. I'll try to include my directory below.

Do you have your own set of favorite wine links?

Klinker Brick 2003 Old Vine Zinfandel from Cellar Tracer

Wine Web Sites:

Wine Glossaries:

Wine Maps:

Wine Blogs:

Wine Library:

Wine Dealers:

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